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"No more tripping or stubbed toes!"


camping accessory




Light reflective sleeves that prevent tripping and toe-stubbing accidents.
A camping accessory that no tent or awning owner will want to be without.

Fed-up with tripping over your guy ropes?
Tired of stubbing your toe on tent pegs?
Protect your tent with Glo-Worms

"If you are anything like me (and when it comes to tripping over guy-ropes most people are),
you will be fed up with tripping over the guys that become invisible as soon as you have put
up your tent. Even the bright yellow ones seem to disappear in an instant.

Tripping or falling over your guy ropes is not only highly embarrassing ( providing great
amusement to onlookers) it can at best, send you sprawling with a loss of dignity and
at worst, leave you with a fractured wrist and a ruined holiday.

We guarantee you will see the brilliant new camping accessory - Glo-Worms - even in low
light conditions. They are highly reflective under torchlight at night - the same material is used
on the jackets used by the emergency and roadside services -and their pale grey colour is also
very visible during the day. While the glow-in-the-dark part makes them even more visible, glowing
green for up to an hour as the light dimishes. While your sub-conscious seems to ignore the guy-rope
itself - the sleeve at the bottom is seen out of the corner of your eye and you naturally avoid them.

Glo-Worms is best camping accessory that also helps you avoid stubbing your toe on a tent peg.
If you have never done this - you will. Although it's something you really want to avoid. It is one of
the most excruciating things you can do especially in sandals.

With children running around your own (and others) tents, it helps prevent them too from taking
a nasty tumble. Can you afford not to have a pack or two of this great new camping accessory?

You will wonder how you ever managed without them. Don't ruin your holiday - ORDER NOW - see below

What are Glo-Worms and how can they help me?

  • prevent tripping - you and everyone around you
  • keeps toes safe from being stubbed
  • helps you find your tent in the dark
  • highly visible
  • helps stop people falling (and driving!) into your tent.
  • can be seen from all angles
  • easy to fit and remove
  • green, glow-in-the-dark strip glows from dusk brightly lessening through the night
  • brightest in darkest places
  • used on safety signs worldwide
  • grey, highly reflective strip - used on high visibility jackets used by Police, Fire and Roadside emergency services
  • tough, weatherproof, permanent
  • tear resistant
  • washable
  • all packaging recyclable - even the plastic bag!

How do I fit them?
* Make sure the Glo-Worms are exposed to daylight for at least 6 hours to give maximum glow at night
* Simply push the guy rope through the Glo-Worm tube
* Slide the Glo-Worm up to mid length or leave it near the peg to prevent stubbed toes

Don't be a Statistic
* according to RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), thousands of people significantly injure themselves camping and many hundreds of those injuries are particularly through tripping accidents with tents.
* There are many thousands of minor incidents unreported....

We make Glo-worms in all widths and lengths.
Get in touch and with your requirements and we'll give you a quote.

First class delivery to UK is included.

** Please get in touch for delivery costs to the Europe and the rest of the world **

SINGLE PACKS (6 per pack)
1st class post & vat included

MULTI PACKS: 12 - 36 per pack

Multi Packs reduces packaging and savse you money.
If you have a large tent or want to buy some for your friends, club or association, this is the cheapest way to buy.
Two or more Multi Packs? Click 'Add To Cart', then on next screen, update number.

1st class post & vat included

*The Glo-Worms product is a registered design - Resistration number 4010749

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